Intramind is a unique blend of 15 ingredients, ranging from plant extracts, mushroom extracts, shrub extracts, multivitamins & amino acid. Intramind is designed to help combat mental fatigue, increase mental focus, physical energy, overall cognition, by contributing to the maintenance of the nervous system, enabling you to be more productive throughout your day. Intramind – for a well rounded mental performance.

Why Intramind?


I really just felt full of energy, I noticed I can do more reps and heavier, but when I was off them I noticed my strength wasn’t as strong and that happy good feeling wasn’t 100% in the Mornings.

Vittorio Caschera


The best thing ever happened to me. I went through depression and hard times in life. Since I started to take Intramind my life changed.


Testimonial Intramind Unitas

After a short time of taking Intramind, I really felt the benefits like feeling motivated, more focused and every day felt more productive. I highly recommend this product.

Charlotte Crowe