What is Intramind?

Wondering what is Intramind?

Are you looking for a new way to enhance your mental clarity and cognitive function without having to pump your brain full of endless stimulants? If so, now is the time to consider nootropics and no one does it better than Intramind.

Created by Irish owner David McGuinness in 2018, Intramind is a unique health supplement containing a blend of nootropics, which are amino acids, nutrients, minerals and other compounds that our brain uses to power neurotransmission. Our formula does not increase your IQ or give you a PhD in quantum mechanics. What it will do is improve your overall focus, boost your body’s energy levels, and amplify mental clarity, helping boost memory and creativity.

How does it work?

There are fifteen active ingredients in Intramind, ranging from nootropics to multi-vitamins and amino acids. All of which work together to play two very specific roles in your brain.

Firstly, it helps relax the blood vessels by increasing cerebral blood flow with nutrient-dense blood to the brain. By doing so, this also provides the body with increased nutrients and minerals to all our bodily tissues. Vitamin B6 is one of these essential vitamins which aids the day-to-day functioning of the nervous system and helps build a strong immune system1.

These 15 ingredients also aid regulate the receptors in your brain, making them up to three times more productive. Resulting in faster, more efficient communication between neurons leading to overall optimized brain function2.

Coffee and caffeinated drinks, in general, are the most common ways of dealing with stress. At Unitas, we want to help you achieve a saturated level of calmness within, letting you eliminate unwanted stress so you can strive forward to become the best version of yourself. What we don’t want is to deprive you of your daily coffee breaks – so we decided to make our products 100% caffeine-free and focus on other stress-fighting ingredients like L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine and Rhodiola Rosea. These ingredients can help you achieve the state of calm needed to properly assess and approach any problem, and if you enjoy drinking the occasional cup of coffee, you can still do so, without fear of overstimulation.

Without a tranquil state of mind, the body’s response to stress can directly impact on how an athlete performs on the field. It also has a knock-on effect on your sleep and energy levels leaving you feeling restless and frustrated in times when you need to perform your best. Intramind improves your energy and stamina by enhancing the brain and body’s natural energy synthetic pathways. The efficiency of all of your bodies systems is intrinsically linked. Short term artificial boosts to one system can wreak havoc on others later on. At Intramind we aimed to develop a unique blend of nootropics that slowly increase the total capacity and efficiency of all of these systems.

Whether you’re an athlete who wants to make every workout count, a busy person with a challenging career, or you simply just want to see optimum results from your body naturally, Intramind could be just what you need to give you an edge over the rest.

Side Effects and Directions

The best part is that there are no known side effects when consuming Intramind. Bear in mind, if you are currently taking any prescription medication, we strongly recommend you speak to your GP to see whether you should use Intramind.

Each game-changing blend comes with thirty capsules, sufficient for fifteen uses. Two capsules are to be taken each morning with your breakfast. This is because everyone has distinct neurochemistry, meaning the effects may vary per person. Increasing your dosage is to three capsules a day is possible, but we recommend you consume two capsules a day before experimenting to find your best daily dosage.

Why Choose Intramind?

At Unitas, we care about your body, it’s performance and purpose and we believe we can optimise your health without having to digest any harmful chemicals. We understand the importance of work, life balance so now it’s in your hands to take care of it also.

So, are you ready to achieve your optimum mental output naturally, dominate in your training sessions, enhance your sleeping pattern, boost memory and expand the mind with Intramind?

Unleash your minds potential and achieve more with Intramind.

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